Like You Hate Me

Written by Tom Lodge
The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London (May-April 2019).

★★★★ “The chemistry between the two [actors] is quite startling… their performances are riveting” – Theatre Weekly

Like You Hate Me Creatives

Written by: Tom Lodge

Director: Jess Barton

Producer: Ross Kernahan

All elements, including set, sound, lighting and graphic design created by the Fight or Flight team.

“We were introduced at a party and hit it off from there. You know the type. Know what those couples are like.”

This is not a play about love. It’s about loving/losing yourself/someone else.

It’s about how much you give to another person and how much you can’t ever get back.

Addressing the loss, development, and discovery of one’s identity through an ongoing and ever changing life-long relationship, ‘Like You Hate Me’ is a deeply honest reflection on life & love in all forms. Challenging our idea of ‘the one’ and questioning our feelings of inadequacy in the face of a rigorous self-imposed life ‘plan’: questioning our successes, our failures, comparing our lives to others, and striving to meet the expected milestones that society tells us we should achieve.

Following their ★★★★★ production of ‘Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons’ by Sam Steiner in 2017, ‘Like You Hate Me’ marked their first production as Associate Artists at the relaunched Lion & Unicorn Theatre.

Acushla-Tara Kupe

Aimee Kember