Who we are

Founded in Brighton in 2012, Fight or Flight Productions began over a cup of coffee with the aim to create provocative and sensually gripping theatre by journeying into the dark spaces of our minds – stepping into the black, confronting the scary, reflecting the uncomfortable and making it home.

Now operating from London we’ve been a few people over the years, but right now we are Jess and Ross. Fight or Flight alumni include: Kieran Chapman (co-founder), Duncan Drury, Sarah Gillet, Rosemary Terry, and Cody Bamford Bridges – who have all given headspace and heartspace to our theatrical journey.

Fight or Flight are Associate Artists of the Lion and Unicorn theatre, 2019-2020.

Jess Barton

Ross Kernahan

Jess is a director, writer, and producer. She graduated from Sussex University in 2012 with a degree in Drama and English Literature, specialising in the uncanniness of reflection and the use of blood work in performance. She co-founded Fight or Flight productions in 2012, vowing to never include real blood in her shows.

With a passion for dystopian narratives, Jess is fascinated with body language and the nuance of non-verbal communication. Her interest in theatre extends from a desire to expose the inner workings of the human psyche – revealing the instinctual, the carnal, the flawed vulnerability. An avid people watcher, she often finds inspiration in her own fears and observations.

She has created work for numerous spaces and companies including Brighton Fringe, Marlborough Theatre, The Theatre Royal (Brighton), The Arcola Theatre,The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, The Union Theatre, Etcetera Theatre, & Stockwell Playhouse. Despite the decision to avoid blood in her own work, outside of Fight or Flight Jess frequently finds herself stage managing immersive horror experiences, where the (fake) blood flow is high.

Jess is Associate Director for Proforça Theatre Company‘s 2019-2020 season, has directed several shorts for Falling Pennies, and moonlights as an experiential Producer for Bearded Kitten.

Ross is an actor, writer, director & producer. He graduated from Sussex University in 2015 with a degree in English Literature specialising in Drama & Performance and joined Fight or Flight productions in 2013.

Though grounded in literature & performance Ross has a passion for philosophy, science, visual art & music. His interest in theatre stems from the baseness of what it is to be instinctively alive and human in this increasingly modern world: creating scenes with visuals and sounds that work in harmony or disharmony with one another – primeval, raw and reactive. He has produced a breadth of multimedia work for different spaces and companies including The Brighton Fringe, Reading Fringe, Marlborough Theatre, The Theatre Royal (Brighton), The OSO Arts Centre, The Lion and Unicorn, Hammersmith Council, Etcetera Theatre & Stockwell Playhouse.

As an actor Ross’ work includes a range of film, theatre, physical theatre, TV and commercial roles for Channel 4, BBC, TNT (America), Warner Brothers, Alzheimers Society, Paypal, Schweppes, Edinburgh Fringe, The Space Theatre, Chelsea Theatre, Stockwell Playhouse and others.


The Creative/Performance industries are one of the most rewarding and culturally important communities to be involved in, but as we all know too well they can also be places of judgement, inequality, racism, sexism, elitism and inaccessible to many. This has to change as Art and Creativity should be a right open to any and all – and so while we believe some things should be taken as standard, below are some of our promises to you in order to combat some of the broken, unfair aspects of the industry.

  • Professionally made, professionally paid
  • Open call castings (BAME, people with disabilities)  
  • Promotion of emerging voices/talent 
  • Open audition calls (non agency accepted) 
  • Safe and collaborative creative environments