Who we are

Founded in Brighton, Fight or Flight Productions began over a cup of coffee in 2012 and we have been attacking the stage with our theatrical worlds since day one. Having recently relocated to London, we're still drinking coffee and still inviting you to step into our chaotic minds.
We've been a lot of people over the years, but right now we are Jess and Ross. Jess has spent seven years directing, writing, and producing theatre, and co-founded Fight or Flight in 2012. She sometimes directs for other companies, having recently directed ‘Leaving’ a short play about alzheimer’s at the Arcola Theatre with Falling Pennies. As an actor and musician, Ross has spent six years performing, directing, and producing theatre. He recently performed at the Lost Theatre as ‘Timp’ in Ella Hickson’s Boys. Fight or Flight alumni include: Kieran, Duncan, Sarah, Rosemary, and Cody - who have all given headspace and heartspace to our theatrical journey.